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Zoe loves books, writes horror, erotica and erotic romance, and can be found as close to the stage as possible at small clubs across the Southeastern U.S., rocking the fuck out to her favorite bands.


Under the name Holden Wells, she has published several short stories in gay erotica anthologies. One of these—Roughing It—has been revised and expanded into a novella and is now available in print and ebook format. The sequel to Roughing It will be coming out in 2014. A number of short stories featuring the same characters are also in the works, the first of which, "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love," was released in ebook format in October 2013.


Zoe has also written a novel and a long story (both erotic romance) as Zoe X. Rider, both of which are currently seeking publication. In the meantime, she is working on a couple horror novels and a sequel to the erotic romance novel.

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The Year of Ice - Brian Malloy I'm not a very fast reader, but this book sucked me. I read two-thirds of it yesterday (and if I hadn't had work today, I'd have just kept reading!) and the rest today. Now I'm a little sad that it's all over.

It makes an interesting contrast the book I read just before it, DOO-LANG LOVE. Both were about young gay men (Rex, 23, in DOO-LANG LOVE and Kevin, 17/18, in THE YEAR OF ICE) looking for love, and in both the main characters found something more than that, in family and/or friends. But where DOO-LANG LOVE was surfacey--lots of telling, not much showing--THE YEAR OF ICE immerses you in the story world: "Outside, the snow falls in small, tiny pieces, glistening in the flow of the streetlights like bits of broken glass. When the snow is this fresh and white, before the car exhaust and salt and sand have left their marks, it can almost seen as bright as sunset even in the middle of the night." THE YEAR OF ICE is also a more realistic book than DOO-LANG LOVE was. Both books have their place (and I did enjoy reading both books), but THE YEAR OF ICE resonates more, and I expect I'll be thinking about it long after I've forgotten about DOO-LANG LOVE.